Amy Butler 028

I made a skirt! I have to say, I've made this skirt before. I took a one-off class at The Make Lounge (craft cafe in Islington) and was helped throughout the process. Taking on this process on my own was a bit nerve-wracking. I took the class ages ago and really couldn't remember much from it except that we never once looked at the directions. The instructor told us what to do each step of the way.

I went through a few hiccups, mainly the concealed zipper. The first time around I attached that bad boy in one go and it looked perfect. But I think that had to do with luck. Today I attempted to attached the zip at least TEN times. I could not get it right (uneven sides or the needle refused to line up correctly, and more woes). And finally, finally I got it even with a smooth seam in the back. Unfortunately I attached it at the very top of the skirt before I finished the raw edges. Oy. But I made it work.  The zip won't close all the way up but I can attach a little hook and hopefully that will sort out the problem. Hopefully.

I made the skirt for a friend. Here's hoping she likes it. And it fits!

I am just really happy to have this project behind me. I really went through a lot of self-doubt and wondered why I was torturing myself with trying to make the skirt perfect. It's not perfect (don't look at the lining, oy!) but I am okay with that. I'm still learning and hopefully the next project won't be too terribly frustrating.

One good habit I practiced today: when frustrated walk away from the fabric when all you really want to do is burn the mother up!

PS-I totally forgot to line up the pattern pieces in the back. D'oh!


  1. Congrats, the skirt looks gorgeous! I love the fabric. x

  2. The skirt looks great! You are brave to sew for someone else. I think I will have to sew for years before I would have the nerve to do that.

  3. Gorgeous fabric. It's a beautiful skirt, you have a lucky friend!

  4. Man, now I'm nervous. Fingers and toes crossed it fits.

  5. Don't worry. I'm sure it will. She's very lucky to have a friend like you.