Wipe 'Yo Face!

The need to learn to sew came from my failure to find amazing napkins. Yes, napkins. Last November was my first Thanksgiving abroad and I offered to host the event. Ever heard of the saying, "Hostess with the Mostest?" Yeah, that's me. Nothing gets me more pumped than preparing a menu, cocktails and 'Blasts From the Past' playlists to take the guests back in the day. Officially a grownup now (not sure when this happened) I decided that our table could not be set without proper cloth napkins. Paper napkins were not allowed. I searched and searched and never found anything that screamed 'bringing the fun to the dinner table and leaving your dignity intact.' Get me? Everything was either plain or gaudy and a bit...um...cheap looking. Unfortunately, with no sewing machine (yet!) and time running out I ended up buying craptastic* cream ones.

But this year I am prepared. I am totally giving my guests pretty, soft and fun napkins to wipe their delicate faces and fingers with.

Purple Hawaiian


I made these for my bestie (Hi Lindsay!) and experimented with two fabrics and mitered corners. Whoa.

Purple Haze

I'm looking forward to getting a bit more flamboyant by adding trims: pom poms, ruffles, ric rac...So many choices. I think that's why I love working with fabric and trims: all the possible combinations. And the sizes: picnic/lunch napkins, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins!

I do love me some napkins. I will have to conqueror the table runner next.

*They looked good from far but upon investigation...yeah...it was another story.


  1. I love the hawaian print one. they are all nice, but that's my favourite. Do you have an overlocker, or did you use your machine's overlocker foot?
    Table runners are fun to make. I made one when I went to visit a friend, and coordinated it with my cushions.

  2. Your napkins are gorgeous, glad you posted pictures of them!

    A couple of posts ago you asked me where I get my labels from and I rudely forgot to answer! I get them from here: http://www.easy2name.com/

  3. Thank you! I'm a little obsessed with making so many more.

    I made the zigzag stitches with my machine. It was rough at first until I changed the presser foot to the correct one!

  4. Loving these gorgeous napkins, especially the sunkist set! They would make any dinner table to picnic look very special.

  5. I'm with becky_w & totally in love with the Sunkist ones too. I am imagining them in a picnic themed engagement shoot out at Zilker as I type this...